4 Ways To Discover Your Secrets

June 25, 2015 — It is often said by almost every self-help book, quote and site… you must get to know yourself. Today’s issue maps the way to this goal, with our main article “4 Ways to Discover Your Own Secrets”… the author of which is yours truly! Next, e.e. cummings and Nerissa Irvine are featured for their “Wise Words”, and the “Inspiration” of the week is.    -LeadWrite.org 

Who are you? Have you ever really gotten to know yourself? If you have been a a “people pleaser” or “love addict”, you have seen that we spend a lot of time thinking about others, but not even a fraction of that time thinking about ourselves. Yet, as you will note over and over again in conversations about healthy love, a person cannot fully appreciate others if they don’t know, love and appreciate themselves.

So how does one go about “knowing thyself”? I recommend the following four approaches to finding out what really makes you tick.

1. What is your Intelligence? Although there are 70 different ways to measure intelligence, some theories are more popular and useful than others. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence makes knowing yourself easy, with just eight types of intelligence. Teachers like myself use this theory in the classroom to show students that everyone is smart in different ways. Take one of these tests yourself to see what your strength may be.
2. What is your personality like? Do you moderate or abstain? Rebel or Questioner? Answer these very unique questions by happiness and habits expert Gretchen Rubin … Do you know thyself, on World of Psychology
3. Do you hate yourself? Interrupt the “trance of unworthiness” by identifying where it is that you are really rough on you.

4. What are your top 5 values? According to Natasha Lindor, life coach, values are what should drive your choice of job, leisure activity, relationships, and lifestyle. So how can you excavate what is really important to you? Check out this PDF writing exercise you can do to discover your values.

And there you have four ways to really know yourself. Getting clear on who you are means that you can make decisions that will bring yourself more happiness.

With Love And Hope,


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